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What Is Boudoir Photography?

What is boudoir photography?  And is it for you?

Are you wondering what this craze about Boudoir Photography is?

And is it what you’re looking for?

As a boudoir photographer, boudoir photography encompasses the whole genre of intimate female portraiture.  Everything from glamorous head shots through to breathtaking nudes.

A more specific view may restrict it to photographing you in your boudoir.  Your private room.  This is the view that inspired our classic boudoir studio set that uses a draped luxury burgundy velvet.  And this is probably our most popular set for boudoir photography

However, I prefer not to restrict the genre boudoir in terms of what we offer. I include all tasteful female portraiture that uses subtle lighting, great posing and compositions in creating your beautiful fine art photographs.

But Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves.

The origins of boudoir

Let’s first take a look at the term boudoir and how it became a fascinating art form over 100 years ago!

A ‘boudoir’ is a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The term boudoir comes from the French verb bouder meaning to pout.

Historically boudoir formed a lady’s suite of rooms adjacent to her bedchamber, where she could bathe and dress. Over time boudoir became any private room such as the drawing room. These would be used for activities including entertaining intimate acquaintances. Boudoir has come to denote styles that focus on Renaissance and French bedroom styles. It also describes the “country cottage” with whitewashed walls, heavy bed furniture and deep bedding.

Boudoir becomes an art form

Boudoir as an art form became a prominent movement starting around 1900.

It remained in vogue for around 40 years. It evolved from fashion and magazine illustration in Paris around 1910.

Today Boudoir Sees A Resurgence

Sensuous Boudior Photograhy

Boudoir Glamour Photography

Today boudoir sees a resurgence through photography – often as a personal gift.

Maybe you thought of this as a personal gift to the special person in your life.  Or even the as the perfect gift to yourself.  But boudoirs’ resurgence goes even further…

Did you know boudoir photography is fast becoming a highly sought-after wedding gift for the bride-to-be to give her groom?

It’s the perfect Wedding Night Gift. Just imagine the smile on his face when he receives such a personal gift from you!

There are many reasons for you to choose boudoir photography; maybe to mark a special birthday like 30, 40 or 50.  The desire to capture and preserve your beauty is only natural.  Something to be proud of.  And look back on in the future.

And of course after you’ve done it once  You’ll keep coming back creating an autobiography through fine art portraits.

Perhaps you’re celebrating a major change in your life, such as becoming pregnant.

Pregnancy photography is another fast growing trend.  Your pregnancy is the perfect moment to capture this special once-in-a-lifetime moment.  Naturally you’ll want to follow this up with some beautiful images with your newborn baby.

Boudoir Photography Gives You Freedom

Environmental Boudoir Photography

Environmental Boudoir taken in client's home

You have the freedom to truly express yourself with a photo session designed especially for you.  Your emotions and personality are expertly captured through lighting, posing, composition. And all your images will be beautifully enhanced by a Photoshop artist turning them into works of art.

Lighting can be soft gently sculpting your body’s form creating very feminine and romantic images.  Or it can be hard and dramatic with well lit areas and deep shadows, creating stark images.  Lighting patterns create the impression of your 3-D form in the final 2-D image.

Expert posing is essential to correctly position you and make you look your very best. The smallest changes can make big differences in the captured images.

Your boudoir photography experience

Upon arrival you’re welcomed into our home studio. We’ll show you where everything is and explain everything to you. You’ll be offered refreshments to enjoy whilst professional make-up is applied.  Imke will discuss your make-up tastes and agree what will work best for you; taking into account your skin tones, eye colour etc.  Imke can also help you prepare, such as helping you tie your Basque laces.

Your photography experience will start off with a few simple poses to build your confidence.  You’ll soon relax and enjoy yourself.  You’ll be amazed how confident you’ll start to feel as you discover how easy this really is. You’ll start realising your desires, dreams and fantasies as you allow your inner beauty to shine through.

During your experience, I’ll guide you into the right poses and make sure everything is just right.  I’ll show you the poses. And help fine tune your pose.  And before pressing the camera’s shutter – I’ll check details haven’t been overlooked, such has stray hairs over your eyes.

You may wear sexy lingerie, be suggestive with implied nude poses or bare all.  You can be as timid or bold as you wish.  But you’ll never be asked to pose beyond the level you suggested during our planning session.

Your photography is tasteful and carried out in a sensitive relaxed manner.

Glamour & Beauty Photography

Look like your favourite magazine celebrity with a glamorous head shot.

Boudoir Is An Absolute Must

A boudoir portrait session is an absolute must-do experience for any woman wishing to prove to herself that she is the most beautiful evocative creature alive.

Doesn’t that sounds like you?


Did I Mention It’s A Life Changing Experience?

If you don’t feel confidence now, you’ll be amazed how your confidence grows through your boudoir session.  It’s only natural.  After overcoming your initial fears before your boudoir session you prove to yourself that you really can do anything you want to.  You’ll feel liberated and aware of your own prowess.

See what our clients are saying

Woman gives testimonial following her boudoir glamour photographyLouise from Ipswich said the greatest benefit she got from her glamour makeover photography was, “Allowing myself to have photo’s I wanted done but hadn’t dared to do before.”  It’s also; something to share with her husband, to look back on when older, and something to be proud of.


Woman gives fabulous review following her boudoir photography session.Inna from Norwich said, following her boudoir photo session, “I was really nervous about doing the photo shoot as never before undressed in front of the camera. But Pat & Imke made me completely comfortable about the whole experience.  It was also a lot of fun!!!”


Woman loves her boudoir photographs.Carol from Colchester said, “It made me feel good about myself and I know my hubby will be pleased”.

I asked Carol whether she’d recommend our service and products she said, “Yes I would because it’s the best I’ve had”.


Suffolk bride-to-be is delighted with her perfect Wedding Night Gift with boudoir photography.The ‘inner beauty’ photo shoot that pat did for me was really good, I am so pleased with the photographs they really compliment me. I found it difficult to choose the final 10, Pat and Imke were really welcoming and made me feel at ease. I can’t wait to give them to my fiance the night before our wedding.


Is Boudoir Photography for you?

Click here and come in for  chat.  It’s Free. There’s no obligation. And there’s no hard sell.

Want to know more?

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About the author: Pat Bloomfield LSWPP SIFGP is the founder of Inner Beauty Photography. Pat’s an erotica photographer specialising in fine art boudoir, glamour, maternity & nude photography. He’s a qualified member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, and member of the Society of International Fashion & Glamour Photographers.

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  • Dario 09/03/2010, 4:59 pm

    I can see that you have definitely excelled at your skill. Going through your portfolio, I can see that you find are able to bring your clients into a comfortable atmosphere and make them feel good about themselves (comfortable, beautiful, sexy). You especially open up your options to clients and their needs when you’re available to make all their options (pin-up, environmental, nude, artistic..) available. Nice work, kudos!

  • Pat Bloomfield 09/03/2010, 11:15 pm

    Thank you for your kind words – very much appreciated! :-)

  • Lucy Roebuck 25/03/2010, 6:45 pm

    I enjoyed this article! I also agree with Dario: you clearly offer a very comfortable atmosphere to get the best out of your clients. Lovely images.