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Fine Art Nude Pregnancy Photography

Breathtaking fine art nude of a pregnant woman

This Anonymous Nude was taken on a recent Pregnancy Photography session of a lovely young woman who shall remain anonymous :-)  It was inspired by world leading glamour and beauty photographer Damian McGillicuddy recent Gold award winning fine art photo of another pregnant woman.

The imagery is very dramatic and won’t be to everyone’s tastes

Perhaps that what makes it fine art?

When I first viewed the Damian’s photo my personal feelings were mixed.  However the more I viewed it the more it grew on my.  My interpretation is if you look beyond the subject’s form you’ll see a pair of wavy lines carved through the image by the light shining on her sides.  These lines are almost mirror images as the whole image is very symmetrical.  You can almost imagine being back at school creating butterflies in art class.  I’m sure you will have done this too.  You know – you paint one half of the colourful butterfly on half the page and then fold it over to create the whole butterfly.

Could this analogy be drawn into this image where the butterfly is the unborn baby soon to be given wings and take flight as he or she enters the world?

It certainly breaks away from the usual soft and tender pregnancy photography.

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9-Mar-2010 Here’s what Sarah thought of her pregnancy photography experience:

Pregnancy Photography Client Testimonial

Pregnancy Photography Client Testimonial

What emotions does this image conjure up for you?

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About the author: Pat Bloomfield LSWPP SIFGP is the founder of Inner Beauty Photography. Pat’s an erotica photographer specialising in fine art boudoir, glamour, maternity & nude photography. He’s a qualified member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, and member of the Society of International Fashion & Glamour Photographers.

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