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Romantic gifts for him Boudoir Glamour Photography

Woman posing on hands and knees for glamour photograph.  She’s wearing a fur coat, mini skirt and high-heel shoes.

Amy from Essex knew she wanted boudoir glamour photography for the perfect romantic gifts for him.  She told me that he’s currently serving in Afghanistan and needs a moral boost.

When Amy came to the studio to plan her boudoir experience, which she’d won in our competition, she knew what she wanted.  She loved the classic boudoir photography with our luxury burgundy red velvet.  But she also wanted some glamour photography.  And as you’ll see in the images below – Amy has a passion for timeless quality of black and white.

Woman posing for a classic fun glamour photography with a burgundy velvet background used for boudoir photography.

Amy posing for a classical fun glamour photography style photograph with a burgundy velvet background.

Glamour photograph of the back of a woman posing against a white background.

This glamour photograph is modelled on an advertising poster that Amy photographed on her mobile phone.

Woman posing for a glamour photograph sitting on a kitchen chair.

Amy like a vintage glamour photography image she'd seen using a wooden kitchen chair. The chair is blue so these photographs will always be in black and white :-)

Woman posing with a jacket for glamour photography.  A fan blows her hair to add drama.

Amy posing with a jacket for this glamour photograph. A fan blows her hair to add drama.

This close-up glamour photograph of a woman taken from a low angle is full of power and attitude.

This close-up glamour photograph of Amy taken from a low angle is full of power and attitude.

Amy was thrilled with her photographs. She got a beautiful portrait album to give to him when he returns from Afghanistan.  In the meantime, she’ll send him wallet size photographs to boost his moral.  These are free with every photograph you own and are perfect to carry in your purse or send to someone special in your life.

When I asked Amy how she found our product and service, she said that they were very good.  And she’d recommend us because we’re very friendly and professional.

Click here and take your first step towards giving the perfect romantic gifts to him.  It’s also a wonderful gift to you.

You’ll be perfect

top romantic gifts for him with boudoir glamour photography

About the author: Pat Bloomfield LSWPP SIFGP is the founder of Inner Beauty Photography. Pat’s an erotica photographer specialising in fine art boudoir, glamour, maternity & nude photography. He’s a qualified member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, and member of the Society of International Fashion & Glamour Photographers.

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